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how to send a pages document as a pdf

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You need to update your Adobe Acrobat Reader to the latest version

Inserting Video You can add video to a PowerPoint presentation as easily as you can an image, increasing the engagement value of your presentationYou can even loop clips to add a dynamic background flair to your slides

how to send a pages document as a pdf

Greater Control PowerPoint gives you a lot of control in how you run your presentationFor example, you can save PPT files in ‘show mode’ so they open automatically at slide one – in full screenYou can also use features like ‘Zoom’ to create a non-linear presentation, allowing you to jump to different sections, making your presentation more flexible and dynamic

how to send a pages document as a pdf

Live Editing Since you made the PowerPoint presentation in the same program that you’re presenting it with (Microsoft PowerPoint) you’ll always have the option of editing slides on the goIf you happen to notice a spelling mistake at the last minute in your formatted text or feel that your audience would benefit from seeing more images or stats, you can easily make your changes live, saving documents on the go

how to send a pages document as a pdf

The Benefits of Presenting with PDF files PowerPoint isn’t available This might be a bit obvious, but many people just don’t have PowerPoint, or other presentation programs

It’s a paid service, and some business people just forego it altogether

buttons to edit the headers and footers for all of the sheets

Image titled Convert Excel to PDF Step 20 2 Select the part of the Excel spreadsheet you want to convert to PDF (optional)If there's only a certain part of the spreadsheet that you want to turn into a PDF, select it now

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