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change a pdf into a jpeg

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It can be downloaded and installed easily on your Windows or Mac

The tool can work on mobile devices as wellSaving a DOCX to a PDF on an iPhone If you've created a document using a DOCX file, you can easily save it as a PDF on your iPhone

change a pdf into a jpeg

You can use Word or another word processing app to convert DOCX files to PDF formatHowever, older versions of Word may not support conversionsThere are other tools available to help you accomplish the task

change a pdf into a jpeg

The first step is to locate the DOCX file you want to convert to a PDFYou can either search for it in your iOS Library or download it from your desktop

change a pdf into a jpeg

Alternatively, you can use iBooks to open the file

Once you've located it, you can open itFirstly, PDF files are searchable and need a high level of security, whereas DOCX files are smaller and can be edited with ease

Another benefit to using PDF files is that they're a lot smaller than DOCX files, making them easier to carry aroundFinally, PDF files can be searched online, whereas DOCX files aren't

This can be a great advantage for anyone who wants to be able to easily find documentsWord files are smaller than PDF files PDFs are a great way to share documents between users

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